Canterbury Country Houses

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Conditions Of Hire

  1. The Hirer is the person named on the booking form, and he/she is responsible for the obligations and conditions of hire. The Hirer shall not pass the booking to another party.
  2. The Hirer shall have the right to occupy and use for a holiday the property specified on the booking form together with its gardens for the agreed period.
  3. The Hirer is responsible for the safety of all persons in the party and their children whilst occupying the property, its gardens and surrounding farmland.
  4. The Hirer must complete and return the booking form together with the stated non-refundable deposit within four days of a telephone booking.
  5. Full payment must be made eight weeks before your arrival date.
  6. In the event of cancellation by the Hirer the deposit will not be refunded. The balance will only be refunded if the property is re-let for the same period.
  7. In the event of cancellation by Canterbury Country Houses there will be a full refund of all monies received. No other compensation will be paid.
  8. The number of persons shall not exceed the maximum number stated in the property details.
  9. The Hirer shall yield up the premises at the end of the hire period with all furniture, fixtures and effects in or on the property in the same state of repair or condition as they were at the start of the hire period. The property should be left clean and tidy.
  10. The hirer is liable for the cost of any damage to the property and it’s contents. A £200 damage deposit is taken with the booking which will be refunded to the hirer after their stay as long as the house is returned to us in a clean and tidy state and there is no damage.
  11. In any property where dogs are permitted, then the owners will be asked for an extra £100 damage bond prior to occupancy. This will be re-funded in full as long as the property is left clean and undamaged.
  12. The Hirer should permit the owners or their agents to enter the property for inspection or to carry out repairs.
  13. If there is any breach of these conditions by The Hirer then the owners or their agents may re-enter the property and there upon the Hiring created shall absolutely determine but without prejudice to other rights and remedies of the owners.
  14. The owners cannot be responsible for any loss incurred from theft or damage to your belongings. We recommend that you insure for such loss and also for cancellation.
  15. There is strictly no smoking in all of our houses.

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